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The Fibrelite team repair, and modify, boats built of fibreglass, composite, and timber materials; repairing all classes of boats from small racing dinghies to fishing trawlers; small trailer boats to luxury motor yachts.

Fibrelite offers a comprehensive repair service including major structural repairs, minor repairs, and repairs resulting from collision, rot, osmosis, fire, water damage, or those repairs which are simply the result of many years’ service.

Recently we completed major structural repairs to a Sydney 47 yacht; the keel of which had hit an underwater object whilst the yacht was under full sail. This had stressed the transverse and longitudinal beams and causing them to shear from the yachts hull.  After removing the saloon furniture and the damaged beams a set of replacement beams were laminated and vacuum infused directly to the hull. Pictures of this project can be seen in our Repair Image Gallery

Currently, we are in the process of building a replacement starboard hull for a Lagoon 57ft catamaran.  This has involved building 2 moulds to manufacture the inboard and outboard sides of the replacement hull; each side of the new hull then being vacuum infused. During the next few months work will be undertaken integrating the new hull to the existing structure fitting replacement motors etc. Pictures of this project can be seen in our Re-fit and Fit-out Image Gallery

Whilst these two examples illustrate Fibrelite’s ability to undertake major repairs and re-fits we also undertake general maintenance tasks including: repairs to damaged gel-coat, repair and repainting of superstructures, decks and hulls; replacement and repair of teak work; installation of transducers, upgrading of electrical and electronic systems; repair and maintenance of grey, black and freshwater systems; the installation of new equipment; and the application of anti-fouling and ‘Prop Speed’ are just a few of the many tasks we undertake.

The Fibrelite Boats repair service is a comprehensive service offered by a team of experienced shipwrights who really know boats; how to build boats, and how to repair boats. We have many years’ experience working with all the major Australian boat insurance companies; and can assure you any repairs, or modifications, to your boat will be completed thoroughly, speedily, economically and to the highest standard.

We are always happy to answer any queries, and give advice on any boat repairs, or modifications, you may be considering. Please feel free to visit our O’Connor facilities, or give Ben a call on 0410 445 585, or simply click on the ‘Contact’ button on this page.
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