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Boat Maintenance

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No matter if you are the owner of a 6 metre trailer boat or a 25 metre motor yacht – you know that there is more to maintaining your boat than simply having the motors regularly serviced.

Having the motors serviced is straight forward; the more difficult issue is the maintenance of the rest of the boat – the general maintenance of the hull, decks, superstructure, timber, paint work, stainless steel, and the more specialised maintenance of the boats equipment – pumps, winches, electrical systems, fresh, grey and black water systems; heating, cooling, and navigation systems etc.

Many boat systems need a minimum of maintenance – and as a consequence often only get looked at when they fail; and how inconvenient, if not dangerous, that that can be!  However, routine maintenance – changing filters, checking hoses, hose clamps, skin fittings, valves, the operation of pumps, keeping the bilges clean etc will massively reduce the possibility of a system failure.

On the other hand, the superstructure, hull, decks and all they entail need regular ongoing maintenance if the boat is to retain its looks and functionality.

Regularly washing the boat down with fresh water, removing salt from the hull and superstructure; the regular application of wax to gel-coated surfaces, and the prompt repair of any cracks, chips or other damage to these surfaces will ensure the integrity of the structure and keep the boat looking pristine. It’s not that difficult but it is time consuming and that’s something most owners do not have.

Fibrelite can complete all this work. We can ensure all your boats systems are maintained to manufactures specifications, keep a check on the condition on those critical components; whilst also maintaining the superstructure and hull, both internally and externally.

We offer an integrated service, if a detailer notices a crack, or a chip, in the gel-coat it’s acted upon. If oil is noticed in the bilge it’s not just cleaned up – the leak is tracked down and rectified. We take a proactive approach to the maintenance of our client’s boats and care for them as if they were our own.

If you think we may be able help you with a maintenance issue please give Ben a call on 0410 445 585 or contact us via the ‘Contact’ button on this page.