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Boat Detailing & Cleaning

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I think you will agree that stepping on to a boat where the paint work gleams, the stainless sparkles, and the clears are clear is a very positive way to start any trip. But more importantly a clean, cared for, boat will retain its good looks and performance year on year; giving you years of pleasure whilst also minimising your maintenance costs.

Fibrelite Boats cleaning and detailing services are customised to suit your requirements. When requested we can wash down your boat; or steam clean your carpets; or we can schedule a regular cleaning service, or a complete detailing service, both above, and below decks. The service we give you may not be any of these things – but it will be what you requested; and it will be completed by a team of people who care for your boat as if it were their own.

We take a serious, and proactive, approach to the care of our clients’ boats. Our team is vigilant for any signs of potential problems such as chips and cracks in gel-coat, fraying mooring lines, leaking windows, or anything untoward, and will bring it to your attention before it has the potential to spoil a weekend on the water, or become a costly repair.

We make extensive use of biodegradable cleaning products which, with repeated, use improve the durability of some materials, whilst enhancing and prolonging the surface finishes of others. We understand the cleaning processes of the many different materials that make up your boat; and we know a regular cleaning regime will enhance the long-term durability of your boat.

Our objective is to maximise the pleasure you have running and owning a boat; whilst minimising the costs and concerns boat ownership can bring – our proactive approach to the care of your boat will achieve this.

Simply click on the ‘Contact’ button at the top of this page or give Ben a call on 0410 445 585 to discuss how Fibrelite can help you maximise the pleasure you have with your boat.