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Fibrelite’s manufacturing processes encompass the use of resin infusion, vacuum bagging and hand laminating; utilizing specialized non-shrink resins and gelcoats as appropriate for the component.

For example, the refit of a trawler’s processing area involved us in developing and manufacturing composite, infused, insulation panels 16 metres long by 3 metres wide. These panels were then cut and fitted to the deck heads, bulkheads, and sides of the fish processing areas. We also manufactured, and fitted, insulated doors for the snap freezer; manufactured, and installed, a brine chiller tank.

Fibrelite also has the capacity to make plugs, and moulds, for any number of items to be manufactured from composite, and fibreglass, materials. Manufacturing moulds for the wings of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, aircraft fuel tanks, high-speed train components, sports car components and for sections of prefabricated buildings.

Fibrelite manufactures a range of components from carbon fibre, Kevlar and many types of woven and reinforced fibreglass materials.

Fibrelite also undertakes structural, and non structural, repairs to all types of vehicles and components utilising composite materials. For example, the repair of the insulated panels of refrigerated trucks and trailers. One of Fibrelite’s more unusual assignments was to complete extensive repairs to remote controlled targets used by the Australian Army.

If you think there is a possibility Fibrelite may be able to help you do not hesitate to give us a call on 0410 445 585 or contact us via our contact page.